Mission San Jose Mortgage

Our Product

Conventional Loan

Standard mortgage, not government-backed. Follows Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines.

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Government Loan

Backed by government agencies like FHA or VA. Easier qualification, lower down payments.

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Customized financing, not sold on the market. Tailored terms for unique situations.

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Private Money

Funding from private investors or individuals. Quick approval, flexible terms.

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Our Team

Dream enablers, our mortgage officers turn keys into dreams. Navigating mortgages with expertise, we unlock your path to homeownership.

What People Says?

"I’ve been working with San Jose mortgage for about 2 months now I had issues with my license on my end and instead of just leaving me out there to deal with it my self and San Jose mortgage worked with me a HUGE shout thanks to Cinthya Vega she is amazing! she followed up with me every step of the way and helped me so much when I was lost."

Kevin Martinez

"I’m a new lo and I had a decent delay with my license approval. It was pretty discouraging but Cinthya checked up on me and with her relatable and professional responses, it kept me super excited and She was amazing and stayed consistent with me, keeping the same energy level which helped me out so much during the process. I couldn’t be more grateful to her!"