The toe-kick vacuum system will change your life

unnamedIt starts with a central or whole-house vacuum. Yep, you read that correctly: a vacuum unit installed in a basement, storage area, or garage that has hoses running to small intake doors that open in the baseboards of rooms throughout the house.

Choose the strength of the motor, the number of inlets, and calculate the amount of tubing you’ll need and you’re ready to go. Then simply connect your flexible 30-foot hose to the baseboard inlet and vacuum away.

Then you add the “toe-kick” or “automatic dustpan” system, to rooms where you have tile or wood floors, and wow! You don’t have to connect a hose and drag it around, chasing little piles of dirt. You sweep up, push the pile of debris over in front of the little door, tap it with your toe and voilà — the mess is gone!

No more spilling a dustpan all over your trash bin, or right back onto the floor. Sweep debris straight into the intake opening and poof. No bending, no dustpan, no line of dirt left on the floor that you just can’t seem to get rid of!

The units are generally quieter than a regular portable vacuum, you don’t have to bend and you don’t need a dirty old dustpan lying around. So why doesn’t every home come equipped with this phenomenal tool that makes life easier for householders everywhere? Well, frankly, we have no idea.

Studies show that a whole-house vacuum can reduce allergens in the home by more than 50 percent. They kick dust and debris straight outside, so there’s no chance of particles escaping back into the house as they can with a regular vacuum, which relies on a filter to trap the particles but often isn’t strong enough to hold them all. While a professional installation can run $1,000-$3,000, homeowners can install a system themselves for prices in the hundreds, often in just one day. Yes, one day.

An Alternative
If you don’t have a whole-house vacuum and you’re not ready to invest your money or time into installing one just yet, never fear — even those of us on a budget can keep a clean home.

Why did it take this long for someone to come up with the WISP broom?? It’s such a simple innovation on a regular old broom and dustpan, but it makes cleanup so much easier! The manufacturer claims it’s mainly due to the “electrostatic bristles” attracting dirt, dust and pet hair and trapping them — but we all know it’s really the genius design that allows you to step gently on the dustpan to seal it to the floor. No more lines of dirt across your hardwood or tile; you really can get it right into the pan!

As technology takes us into the future, we find solutions to problems that have plagued mankind for centuries, and easier ways to manage the daily chores and unpleasant tasks we all must undertake at some point. And anything that makes cleaning easier is a great invention, in our book!


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