That's Pinteresting

That’s Pinteresting

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, you soon will. If you’re not using Pinterest, you’re not taking advantage of the hottest new social networking site that can help you organize craft ideas, collect decorating tips and get inspired to update, redo or make over your home.

Pinterest is a photo sharing website based on the very low-tech idea of themed “pinboards” or bulletin boards. Other Pinterest members can browse your pinboards, “re-pin” your images to their own collections and “like” the photos in your collections.

Getting started. While you do have to either be invited or request to join Pinterest, once you’re a member it’s easy to get started. You’ll download a “Pin It” button directly onto your Links toolbar — and that’s pretty much it, you’re ready to go! Set up your first board using the easy steps on the site, and start pinning by visiting a web page and clicking your Pin It button. All the images will pop up and you just choose which one to pin!

Collecting ideas. When you create your bulletin boards, it helps to concentrate on one room or project at a time so you can really get inspirational images. Give your board a name that’s really evocative of what you are trying to accomplish like “Blue Decoupage Lamp” or “Brighter Lighter Dining Room” and start building your photo gallery. You can search the Internet or look for images within the Pinterest community itself. Giving your boards really descriptive names will help others find them for their own inspiration as well as make sure you stay focused on the project at hand.

Comparing without commitment. Use your pinboards to drill down on one look for your new bathroom or patio, or collect and contrast a number of ideas, price the different looks and picture living with different scenarios. You can simply type “home décor” into the Pinterest search box and you’ll have thousands of choices to start with. Take a look around and then narrow your search incrementally as you get ideas and decide what direction you want to take.

Share with your audience. You’ll be surprised how quickly other Pinterest community members will find your boards and start repinning your images. You may even garner some followers — and if you do, don’t let them down. Chronicle your progress turning your Pinterest boards into a real project with photos you take along the way, and pin them to a board using the Add+ button and Upload a Pin selection. Give back to the Pinterest community by showcasing how you made your ideal rec room become a reality, or how you recovered your old sofa in six easy steps! Other Pinterest users can leave comments on your boards, connecting you to people around the world with common interests.

Feeling lost? Follow. Having some trouble getting started or finding inspiration? Follow a few people to see what others are doing. You may stumble upon some great ideas, or get some ideas of your own to pursue. You can always unfollow them later if you decide they don’t mesh with your aesthetic. When you first sign up you’ll be asked to choose some interests, and Pinterest will suggest some people to follow based on your answers.

Let it into your life. Of course, Pinterest is not just for home decorating ideas. Recipes, crafts, homemade cards, gift ideas… you name it, you can find inspiration, instructions or more information on Pinterest. You’re going to be surprised how many aspects of your everyday life can be pinned!

With a site this easy (and fun) to use, you’ll constantly find new ideas for making your home, yourself, your spaces and your places more beautiful and fun. You’ll be on top of the latest trend in social media and part of a community of people who find inspiration in great images