Our test as professionals is now

March 2021

I don’t think that it’s any kind of breaking news that the last few years have been great for the housing-related markets. Intense? Uncertain? Frightening at times? Yes to all of that. But still, we’ve enjoyed historically low interest rates, spiking demand, rising prices, and high mobility as large numbers of people have moved around.

During this growing boom in the housing and financial markets, many have been attracted to our professions because this has been where the party is – and everyone loves a party.

I’m not saying that the housing party is over. Predicting anything right now is a fool’s errand, and I like to think that I’m not a fool.

No, I don’t know what lies ahead, but I do know that whatever does, it will be a test of our professionalism.

I looked up the word “professional” since everyone uses it and maybe it falls so easily from our lips that we forget its meaning. The dictionary says that a professional is a person engaged or qualified in a profession. That bar seems fairly low.

I feel that it’s more than just having a license to sell real estate, mortgage loans, financial instruments, or insurance. It’s more than knowing the technicalities of our work or even being able to communicate effectively to our prospects and clients.

Knowing your stuff should be minimum table stakes – but even this will be a professional differentiator as so many people have joined our industries over the last several years.

Aside from that, here are a few characteristics of real professionals:

Standing for something

Keeping our word

Being honest

Supporting others

These things are less tangible than marking up high monthly sales numbers. These are the quiet marks of professionalism and they indicate a commitment to growing deep roots in our chosen fields.

As we look ahead at a year that will certainly bring its share of change and challenges, I want to plant my stake more firmly as a professional. I know that our ethics, values, and willingness to support each other will be tested – but these tests quickly separate amateurs or opportunists from those of us who are determined to grow strong, mutually-beneficial businesses that will yield long-term value for us, the companies we are part of, and our clients.

I want to thank you for being part of my professional circle. Please let me know how I can support you and provide increasingly valuable service. You are important to me.

Please drop me an email or call if you have any questions – or someone you know is in need of expert advice. I love to help those you care about. If you have a referral please click the button down below. Your referrals are the heart and lifeblood of my business.



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