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September 2020

In the midst of pandemic, stretching your grocery budget and strategically meal planning can actually dramatically improve your quality of life. You’ll not only likely save money, you can also reduce stress and limit your exposure to the virus by taking fewer trips for takeout or odds and ends form the store! There’s never been a better time to hone your grocery shopping craft.

Shop from a list. Planning meals ahead of time, creating a list, and avoiding the (often expensive) in-store impulse buys just might save you loads of cash. It’ll also mean you’re less likely to be running to the store during rush hour for last minute staples or, worse, scrapping it and ordering some spendy, less healthy takeout on a whim.

Try curbside options. Order-ahead and curbside options are free of charge at a lot of grocers and convenience stores right now. Utilizing this option can allow additional time to make your list, double check that you’ve got everything you need, and search the grocer’s app or website for coupons and deals to ensure you’re maximizing your budget.

Crowd source ideas. Ask other family or household members for input on your list. Maybe each person plans a dinner once a week or suggests some snacks the family can share. This helps ensure everyone is invested, more likely to help with prep, and less likely to fuss about what’s on their plate at mealtimes.

Work with canned and frozen options. Canned and frozen produce, beans, and other staples will far outlast the fresh products you’re purchasing. Shop for a combination of fresh and frozen items so you’ll have options to fall back on when you’ve eaten all the fresh food in the house. This will give you a buffer while you plan for the next trip.

With fall just around the corner, it’s a great time to consider hunkering down, cooking at home more often, and enjoying those comfort foods your family loves. We hope these ideas bring a little extra organization and sanity to your shopping trips!

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