Melt Away Stress with a Home Sauna

Melt Away Stress with a Home Sauna

In today’s challenging economy, more and more people are opting to nix expensive vacation stays at top-tier holiday retreats with some quality time at home, and what better a way to do that than with a home sauna.

As the weather starts to cool down, it’s not hard to imagine the warm luxury you can enjoy through soaking up some heat, while icicles dangle from your eaves and rain gutters. The snow might not be melting, but you’ll be able to feel your cares and stress dissolve away. And believe it or not, home saunas are actually attainable. Here are some considerations:

    • First off, talk to a doctor to ensure you don’t have any medical conditions that could be exacerbated by exposure to a home sauna’s prolonged heat. You don’t want to invest time and money only to find you can’t enjoy it.


    • There are two main types of home saunas, steam and infrared. Steam saunas are along the lines of your classic Finnish style sauna. You sit inside a chamber and hot water is poured over rocks heated by a heating element. The water turns to steam and this warms the air and helps clean our your pores and soothe aching muscles. An infrared sauna heats the air using a infrared heating to create radiant heat. Radiant heat is actually preferable, some argue, because it penetrates much deeper into the body, having a more therapeutic benefit where aching joints and muscles are concerned. Moreover, infrared saunas typically consume less electricity and thus have lower operating costs.


    • Home saunas are available in various designs and sizes and can be ordered as prefabricated units, kits that you build on your own, or as professionally installed items. There are various sizes and formats available for any of these options. Similarly, home saunas are available as both outdoor and indoor options. So, if space is limited indoors, but you have some room in the yard, deep heating relief could be a few yards away from your back door.


    • The cost is not immense. Home sauna kits start at roughly $1,250 for a pre-cut, two person model that you assemble, and ramp up from there with prefabricated units and custom-built items costing much more. The price all depends on the quality, size, format and layout of the home sauna.


    • Don’t be afraid to hire a professional. Even if you are considering ordering a pre-cut sauna kit, there are home sauna firms that will assemble and install the kit for a fee. Obviously there are safety concerns such as fire risk that go into installing a sauna that might keep you from wanting to do this as a completely DIY project, so don’t be afraid to call in the experts if needed.


    • Ensure you maintain proper safety in and around the sauna. You always want to avoid all metal and anything that comes into contact with your body that can heat up. Items such as glasses, jewelry and even contact lenses can burn you. Also, make sure to install raised wooden walkways to prevent slips and falls.


  • Kids are an especially important concern. Children under 12 should not be allowed to operate a sauna without an adult as there are too many risks for falls and burns. Also, because they cannot regulate their body temperature the same way as adults, children should spend no more than 10 to 15 minutes in the sauna at a time