A Little Family Organization Goes A Long Way

A Little Family Organization Goes A Long Way

If you’re like the rest of us, it’s quite difficult to coordinate all your family events. Try these simple strategies that will help you plan upcoming events, make sure everyone makes their appointments and keep everyone on track in your busy household.

Design a family check-in station. Find a place in your home with some open wall space that gets trafficked by everyone in the family so that they can easily check in.

Hang a good-sized monthly calendar. At this central location, everyone can read and update their schedules. Next to it hang a cup or other small container with a different colored pen for each family member for color-coded calendar entries. Add one additional color for family events.

Add a mail bin/hanging inbox, similar to what you’d see in an office, with a slot for each family member. These will serve as an ideal spot for school permission slips, mail and other important papers.

Add a good sized corkboard. For posting papers that everyone should see, such as a flyer for an event or that A-plus test paper, a corkboard and push pins or a metal sheet with magnets is an ideal solution.

Also add a chalkboard or white board. To make sure family members can easily share quick messages, make sure to include a chalkboard with a chalk ledge or a white board with dry erase markers in your command center.

Plus, some extras… Other items you might want to hang alongside these core items include several key hooks, your dog’s leash and a prominently displayed clock. A nearby recycling bin for junk mail and other papers that need tossing would be handy.

Last, but not least, be sure to provide ground rules. Don’t forget this important step for your family command center. The goal is to increase coordination and reduce paper clutter, so ensure that everyone cleans out his or her inbox at least once a week, that old messages are wiped off the white board and that old flyers and similar papers are removed. Taking the time to set and enforce these rules will go a long way to maximizing the value of this endeavor.

This may all sound like a lot, but you can tailor it to fit your living space and lifestyle. The goal is to provide a central space where your family members can get organized and share scheduling information. A little upfront effort will go along way to creating some peace of mind. Making all your appointments on time will certainly make it all worthwhile!