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Hello, and Happy New Year.

Typically, I’m reaching out to share industry and consumer trends, providing information we can all use to serve our customers and thrive in today’s market. Today, I want to talk about your business’s most precious and finite resource – you. As we approached the holidays, I noticed an increasingly frenetic pace in our industry. Many of you are routinely working 70 or 80 hours a week and while that commitment is admirable, it is not sustainable.


While holidays can be a great time to rest and recharge, we can’t outsource restorative measures to a few days a year and keep our fingers crossed that nothing breaks down. We’ve been social distancing, homeschooling, quarantining and isolating for nearly a year now. We’ve experienced collective trauma and loss close to home in some cases and, at the very least, through news coverage and our social networks. While vaccine rollout means we’re headed in a positive direction toward resuming a semi-normal daily life, we’ve endured the complexities of a global pandemic while managing a market on fire. It’s a lot. And it’s not slowing down.


Just in the nick of time, time management coach Elizabeth Grace Saunders (via Fast Company) offers some tips on carving out time for yourself when the work never ends. Here are some of the highlights you might consider implementing now. (Because who has time to read articles, right?)


Designate work-free times. Designate specific timeframes for things like exercise, family meals, and consistent bedtime – and stick to them. This will help combat that stressful sense of always on and constant mental chatter.


List your health must-haves. Take some time and think about the things you need in your day to stay healthy. Outside time. Stretch and decompression breaks throughout the day. Meal planning to consistently feed your body. The list is different for everyone. What do you need?


Do what you love! There’s no way to outsource this list to an article or expert. The specific activities you absolutely love are a quick path to restoration of your energy and vitality. Make a quick list of these things and refer to it for ideas when you’re really burned out.


Ultimately, we’ve all got to take ownership of our energy stores and find ways to care for ourselves, acknowledging that our businesses thrive when we’re able to bring our best self to work. That’s a lot to ask in pandemic-driven climate, but we’ve got to rest and restore even when the opportunities seem slim. Succumbing to burnout will have a big impact on your business and your household – so take the time to take care of yourself. As always, please reach out if there’s anything I can do to ease your burden or any way I can help with your business at all.

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