Interior Trends You’ll be Loving in 2017 December 2016

In 2017, as our lives become increasingly connected, expect to see a trend toward creating specific areas for relaxation and escape in our homes, retreats from the demands constantly bombarding us. Here’s how we think these trends are going to look in 2017’s interior designs.

Colors. Kale is Pantone’s 2017 color of the year, a fresh, light green that could almost be a new neutral. Pair it with the darker, rich shades of green showing up everywhere, including velvet couches and fashion runways. Nature-influenced colors like pink yarrow, lapis blue, orangey-red flame, and primrose yellow add pops of color and complement the varying shades of green, infusing any room with energy and enthusiasm. These eye-popping palettes go well with gray, making its return and pushing aside chocolate brown as the top neutral.

Materials. Sticking with the green theme, natural materials are also making a splash. Terracotta tiling is not just for roofs anymore: It’s showing up on accent walls and fireplace surrounds as well as bathroom floors. Count cork in as one of the hottest materials to add warmth and texture to any room. Cork has soundproofing properties to dim the din of technology that’s been taking over our lives, and you can also use it to turn an entire wall into a bulletin board to keep track of a busy household.

Living areas. Furnishings are not only shrinking but also becoming multi-purpose or moveable. Select a modular sofa that can be adjusted to create a larger or smaller seating arrangement. Invest in a desk that has a much smaller footprint; after all, our computers and components are shrinking so your workspace can, too. Drop-leaf or extending tables can expand for company and contract for everyday space saving. Even your giant flatscreen can be hidden in a cupboard that also holds movies and game hardware. Recycling, repurposing and upcycling old materials into new, fresh ideas is really popular, as sustainability in the home is still very much on trend.

Bathrooms. Simplification and minimalism are in. Create a flow from walls to floors by using the same material on both (and it can make the room seem bigger too). Clay and wood are going to be hot fixture materials — yes, even for the tub! Subway tiles are on the way out and thinner “finger” tiles will be taking over backsplashes and bathrooms across the country.

Bedrooms. Fabric headboard are all over the internet, from DIY sites to high-end furniture shops. Time to take out that old wooden bedhead and try something rich and soft. Green velvet maybe?

Lighting. Look for flower motifs in light fixtures. (Thanks Kate Spade!) Also color for ceiling fans — your minimalist bathroom can take on a whole new feeling with a bright green or sassy yellow fan whirring above.

Even if you’re short on cash, you can make your home look modern by tracking current trends and adding inexpensive versions or accents to your own living space. Use this year’s style to launch your own decorating revolutions, turning your home into a showcase that is stylish, modern, and homey all at the same time.


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