Household time management hacks

Household time management hacks

September 2020

Nearly six months in to COVID-19’s stateside arrival, we’ve likely all developed some survival and defense mechanisms unique to this situation. It seems like conference calls, family get-togethers, and even casual customer service experiences are peppered with talk of survival, “the new normal,” and widespread disruption of family and household norms. Forbes says we’re all experiencing more meetings and obligations, managing an extra heavy load of guilt, and feeling the energy drain.


Time has always been a precious commodity, but for families and households working to accommodate virtual schooling and work-from-home set-ups alongside laundry, chores, and bustling family pets – chaos overtakes calm and it’s easy to lose sight of routine. Here are some considerations to help the entire household embrace planning and time management.


Calendar like you mean it. Your calendar is your new best friend when it comes to setting personal and professional boundaries. Family members and professional colleagues will learn to respect your time when you draw tight boundaries around your work hours and personal hours and practice meaningful presence with them, during that dedicated time. Block out your calendar accordingly. End your day with intention, tidy up your workspace, and plan to move into family or personal time wholeheartedly, instead of dragging work with you and checking your phone constantly.


Plan for tomorrow, today. As part of your end-of-day ritual, make a practice of planning for the next day. Check off everything on your list, take a minute to review your meeting schedule and ensure you’re prepared for what’s ahead. Then, make a list of the five most important things to accomplish the following day. This will help bring a sense of calm and predictability to the chaos and to allow you to enjoy personal time without preoccupation.

Productivity with Pomodoro. The Pomodoro Technique encourages individuals to work in 25-minute increments (pomodoros) toward a single specific task, followed by a short break. String together four pomodoros and earn a longer break before jumping back into the next task. These micro-focused moments may even work for your entire family. Try setting the timer where everyone can hear it and work on sprints at the same time. It could buy you a little quiet time and a lot of mutual achievement!


There’s never been a better time to try some life hacks on for size. Anywhere we can find ease and an extra moment to breathe will be completely worth the experiment. We hope these tips help get the creativity flowing and you find greater ease and enjoyment in your new normal!




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