Home Décor Past and Future

Home Décor Past and Future

You’re up on the latest trends in coats, shoes, and electronics — how about home décor? How you style your home is just as indicative of your personal style as your choice in purses, watches, and MP3 players. With budgets still tight, some simple redecorating can make your home feel fresh and fun, without breaking your budget.

Color Pop: Every year, Pantone, the company known for defining and naming the colors used in printing as well as paint, declares a “color of the year.” They’ve stuck with a bright, happy color to add fun, eye-popping splashes of color throughout your home, in throw pillows, area rugs, bedding, towels, and other decorating accessories.

Neutral: Black is back, according to online decorating website houzz.com and numerous other sources. It goes with everything, lets colors pop, enhances the shine of metals, and also feels a little “edgy.” It can make nearly any room feel more modern, especially if used on an accent wall with lighter furniture or bold art against it.

Texture: Complement the organic feel of green with accessories and design elements that incorporate animal images, and use fur and feathers. Think funky mirror and picture frames with fur detailing — not leopard spots or zebra stripes!

Materials: Look to brass and other metals to contrast the bright color trend and look great with this year’s hot neutral, black. Look for lots of metal details added to furniture.

Wall Coverings: Those reusable decals you used in your nursery aren’t just for kids anymore. Along with reusable, textured wallpaper, decals are a quick and relatively inexpensive way to customize your surroundings.

Room Redo: Kitchens are taking center stage as we try to save money and improve our health. Cooking is one of the most popular hobbies in America and our kitchens need to support that. Think homey, comfortable, and fundamentally useful. The kitchen is retaking its place as the heart of the home, where families gather and minds as well as bellies are fed.

Overall Style: The term Art Deco is widely used but often not fully understood. This visual style, developed in France in the 1920s, incorporates clean lines, symmetry, geometric shapes, reflective surfaces, and bold colors. Man-made materials dominate, while textures often reflect graphic patterns such as animal motifs or plant-inspired shapes. As you can see, the trends listed above mesh well with this style, and Art Deco furnishings and accessories will dominate décor this year.

But perhaps the biggest trend — and the easiest to follow — is to make sure you love your home. If you hate the carpet, change it. If your couch is too big, sell it and get a new one. Donate the piles of wrought-iron candleholders you keep receiving as gifts and let everyone know you’re changing your style to reflect a new, updated, trendy YOU