Digitally enabled, virtually unstoppable

According to April research, 25% of homebuyers were willing to buy a home without ever seeing it in person, thanks to virtual tours and the increasing need for contact-free transactions, in the wake of COVID-19. These trends are expected to outlive the current pandemic climate, accelerating the industry’s embrace of digital solutions for touring and transaction completion.

43% of sellers and 36% of buyers in recent Zillow research were also willing to complete a home purchase transaction entirely online. And more sophisticated options like 3-D modeling and drone mapping enable high-fidelity virtual reality exploration of properties. COVID has also pushed real estate further into social media territory, with Coldwell Banker saying its agents are using TikTok for virtual showings and hosting open houses through Facebook Live.

In a business that has traditionally been based on person-to-person connections, referrals, and concierge service, how will your organization embrace digital as an asset, while ensuring service standards and a personal touch that will keep those referrals flowing and customers returning with future needs?


Enable self-guided options.

Whether your business offers fully online or tech-assisted in-person tour experiences, self-guided tours and browsing options were gaining popularity pre-pandemic and are likely here to stay. Consider how you can enable your clients to browse and tour autonomously, while continuing to support them at key milestones and when they need your help. The marriage of high-touch and high-tech is a dream come true for buyers.


Ensure seamless comms.

Think about the themes most important to buyers now and ensure your communication is updated, seamless and consistent across all platforms. Voice and tone should be complementary from social media, to your web presence, and live customer service experiences. Every business is a health business these days, so be sure to share your sanitation protocol, contactless options, and wellness status early, often, and with transparency.


Double down on personal outreach.

While technology enabled experiences are important to your clients, nothing beats knowing them personally and reaching out. Make the most of live experiences with personal interactions. Reach out at milestones. Get to know your clients personally. Build those authentic relationships and your repeat and referral business will reap the rewards.


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